The cost to become a U.S. citizen depends on several factors. But in general the amount you should pay to process your application for naturalization is $725.

This amount includes two payments:

  • A payment for processing the form. This is the filing fee, and it currently equals $640.
  • A payment for biometric services. The biometric services fee is only $85.

USCIS specifically requires that Form N-400 applicants pay $725 in total. You are also not allowed to pay a smaller or larger amount of money. In other words, pay exactly $725 for your application. If you will pay more than requested, USCIS will deny your application. However, in that case the money you have paid will be returned. Note that USCIS also allows to use credit cards for paying this amount.

There are also several other stipulations concerning the payments for Form N-400. First, if you reached 75 years of age, you do not have to pay the biometrics fee, but only the filing fee of $640. Second, you can request a fee waiver under the following conditions:

  • You filed the Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver.
  • Your husband or wife, or you are receiving a means-tested benefit. (A means-tested benefit is the payment that you receive based on your income if it is below the fixed level.)
  • You are having a difficult financial situation due to medical bills or an emergency situation (your household was destroyed due to a storm or an earthquake or similar.)

We strongly recommend that you contact an immigration lawyer to verify your options and find out if you are eligible for a fee waiver.

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