Is it allowed to mail several Form N-400 applications in one envelope?

Yes, USCIS allows applicants to file several application in the same package. Because sometimes several family members are applying for naturalization at the same time, it is cheaper for them to send just one package.

There are still several recommendations that you should follow to simplify the task for USCIS officers, as they will process the applications separately. Here are some of the recommendations:

  • Do not staple several applications together.
  • Use rubber fasteners or paperclips to group documents that are related to different applications.
  • Write or type a full name and an Alien Registration number at the top of each additional documents. You should also mark additional pages with the page, part, and field numbers that refer to Form N-400.
  • Apply an individual check to each N-400 application.
  • If possible, use several smaller envelopes for separate applications.
  • Submit only the explicitly requested or necessary documents to support your Form N-400 application. Do not add any other documents that are not obligatory or needed for USCIS.

We should also clarify the last recommendation about the necessary documents. Besides the application form, you will need to attach copies of the Permanent Resident Cards (green cards) and checks or money orders for the fees that your family members have paid to file Form N-400.

To sum up, here is an example package:

  • Envelope 1. Your Form N-400, check, and green card copy.
  • Envelope 2. Your husband’s or wife’s Form N-400, check, and green card copy.
  • Envelope 3. Your parent’s Form N-400, check, and green card copy.


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